[Scriptoris] Shakey Knees

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Tue Nov 20 15:26:20 PST 2007

I apologise for not recognizing the full names of the lovely warrior women
who have so well attended the Queen and won your Shaky Knees,
Thanks for the reminder! (Am still a little on brain drain.)

What a thrill that HRM Ebergardis has a team for the ballistaearning Shaky 
Their Excellencies of Bordermarch "loved" that part of their court with so 
many victorious warriors standing out front!
And a dream come true for me when anyone makes their first kill at Melees! 

Scribes and their (your) communications are so much appreciated.
Should make for easy hand delivery of scrolls to Stargate Yule.
Or sooner, by mail, if it works better that way.


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> Lady Sara and Lady Christyne are two of Her Majesties' retainers.
> Brian

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