[Scriptoris] Shakey Knees Scrolls searching for owners

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Nov 21 05:21:20 PST 2007

...Bowing, Scraping, Bowing, Scraping...
Sara, Hillary,
Thank you for teaching my ancient and narrow mind the current
ways of appropriate scroll-dom and deliveries thereof,
if not from the hand of the Court at event, if then to be mailed.
I yield to your greater knowledge, and do hereby offer
apologies to Kaithlen Hamilton for my skewed request about return address.
You are truly correct about not burdening the signatory with return mail...
as well as invitation "returns."

While here, may I please add that it is so marvelous to see "pretty papers"
go out for many venues, winners, participants, etc.  Events are greatly 
enhanced, but moreover,
individual's hearts are warmed by receiving these works of art.
Scribes rock!
Tessa (who sometimes cannot even spell her name)

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> While I am loathe to disagree with our beloved Tessa,
> and happily yield to her greater wisdom on all matters
> of protocol, I have to confess that I never use the
> return address of the Crown or the landed nobility on
> scrolls I mail, and for purely practical reasons, I
> don't recommend it.
> If I have to mail a scroll and it is undeliverable for
> some reason, I want it to come back to me, so I can
> take steps to ensure that it gets to its intended
> recipient. I *don't* want to burden the Crown or the
> sitting Nobles with that task, so I always use my own
> return address.
> I used to send out *invitations* (for baronial events,
> Queen's, Coronation) with the return address of the
> Crown or Landeds, but quickly discovered that I had no
> way of knowing which ones were delivered and which
> weren't. Now I always use my own return address, which
> allows me to get the undeliverable invites back so I
> can make corrections to my mailing list.
> I am usually not too worried that the recipient will
> think the scroll or invitation is from me, rather than
> from the Crown or Landeds on whose behalf I am mailing
> them, because the documents are usually signed, or
> contain a declarative at the beginning that clearly
> announces who the missive is actually from.
> Just an alternate viewpoint...
> Sara
> --- Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hum, you know Tessa, I don't think I would have
>> considered putting their Excellencies address on
>> scrolls I mail out either.   I know I haven't done
>> so as Sable Scroll in the past, ie, using their
>> Majesties address, if I'm doing the business of the
>> Crown and sending out scrolls.  Something to think
>> about.
>>   Sounds like a good topic all of us can learn from;
>> perhaps you can do a 'Protocol' class sometime in
>> the future.  Our modern culture has seemed to have
>> lost the knowledge of some of those courtesy
>> guidelines common in good letter writing, in
>> contrast to our instant e-mail culture.
>>   Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium is
>> coming up in June 2008, and I know one branch in the
>> Coastal area has a bid put together for it... so it
>> will be close for you!  (hint)
>>   (grin).
>>   cheers, Hillary
>> tessa <tessa at gt.rr.com> wrote:
>>   ITessa
>> (And please remember according to protocol: these
>> are from Their
>> Excellencies' hands,
>> not "from" their scribe;
>> so if you mail them out, use Their Excellencies'
>> return address, please.
>> Thanks.)
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