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Carletta da Nicolosi carletta_nicolosi at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 08:01:38 PST 2008

Huzah! for Suzanne who had an absolute WONDERFUL display of her Scribal arts and for the perfect score!  Well done and deserved.
  There was such a great sampling of scribal arts this year in KA&S which is great!  It was really good to see everyone who entered the different aspects and pieces of Illumination and Calligraphy.  Ricciardo and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at these displays of "love and labor" and even learned quite a few things along the way. ;D

Kimberly Langhans <sarapenrose at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I'd like to note that Suzanne received a perfect score
on her entry, and was chosen to represent Ansteorra as
one of our artisans at Gulf War.

All of the pieces entered were really lovely, and it
was very exciting to see so many people trying out
challenging styles and experimenting with period
materials and tools.


--- hsetrinity at aol.com wrote:

> Greetings, scribes!
> As many of you know, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences
> competition was held this past weekend in the Barony
> of Northkeep. There were several scribal and scribal
> -related entries, so I wanted to give wordfame to
> the following:
> Scribal/ C&I entries:
> Lillias MacGuffin, who entered a celtic knotwork
> Pelican scroll that she designed and illuminated for
> Mistress Gilyan. Their Royal Majesties also called
> Lillias into court in the evening and welcomed her
> into the Order of the Iris of Merit. Vivat to the
> Honorable Lady Lillias!
> Annais Eleanor de Montgomerie, who entered a
> calligraphed piece, "A Poem to a Lover". This was a
> lovely piece that she created with quills and oak
> gall ink on calfskin ( I believe) vellum. 
> The final scribal entry was entered by myself,
> Suzanne Beraud, which was a quire of foliage pages
> from the Gottingen Model Book created in period
> pigments and iron gall ink on calfskin vellum. For
> those of you not familiar with the term, a quire is
> a bifold of 8 or 16 pages, (in this case, 8),
> gathered and stitched together. This is one of the
> steps in bookbinding. If you are interested in more
> details on how to create a quire,?please feel free
> to?email me privately. 
> Scribal-related entries:
> Clairiandra Delamere displayed a?beautifully-drawn
> silverpoint self-portait. Her?display
> was?interactive, with a gessoed page that people
> could sketch on to see how the silverpoint reacted
> with the gesso.?
> Mistress Therasia von Tux, a Laurel who has recently
> relocated to Ansteorra from the East Kingdom,
> entered a?sample of ceruse, or lead white pigment),
> that she created herself. (editor's note -Don't try
> this one at home, kids!)
> Thanks and congratuations to all who entered, and I
> hope to see even more scribal-related pieces next
> year!
> Suzanne
> Star Signet
> ?
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