[Scriptoris] Scribal Activities at Coronation

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Sat Jun 14 20:48:33 PDT 2008

At the upcoming Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Ulsted and 
Ebergardis there will be two contests held:

**Ansteorran Insignia Contest, Co-Sponsored by HE Sara Penrose, Sable 
and HL John Lightfoot, Ansteorran Insignia Deputy**
There will be contests in two Categories: Quality and Quantity .
Bring your best quality insignia for this contest, items to be judged 
quality and heraldic accuracy. And those those who are prolific in 
beautiful art, the person/s with the most (usable) insignia will win as 
All insignia submitted for the contest will be donated to the Crown at 
end of the day. There will be a fabulous prize given to the winner(s).

If you have any questions, or need ideas, please feel free to visit the 

insignia website at _http://scribe.ansteorra.org/insignia.html_ ,
or you can email HL John at _lightfootcim at aol.com_

**Populace Vote Scroll Contest, Hosted by HE Suzanne Beraud, Star 
Come view the best of Ansteorran Scribes and pick your favorite single 
for this populace vote contest!!
Scribes may enter a single original scroll created during the last two 
The original or a color copy may be displayed. Documentation is not 
but is encouraged; scrolls should be in frames if possible, for 
A fabulous prize will be given to the winner.

Please contact me at hsetrinity at aol.com or 
star_signet at herald.ansteorra.orgwith any questions.
I hope to see many of you and your entries at Coronation!

Star Signet

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