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I got a call the other day requesting information on autocrating KWHSS, and thought I'd posted this missive since I directed the caller to it, but apparently it didn't get through back last March as I still had it in my Drafts folder;... so for grins and the archives I'll post it now.  
Never know, next time you maybe looking for info. 
Cheers, Hillary
It's actually a bit late to be putting a bid together, but since they don't have any bids, and Laurel is willing to float the decision date, you could actually put something together.  
Autocrat: It would be best if that person had attended a KWHSS before, but not a requirement - will take someone deadline driven and good a follow-through and communication.
Ansteorra has hosted three KWHSS, two in Dallas (autocrated by Da'ud) and one in Houston (autocrated by Hillary - me!).  I've attended all in Ansteorra, and all KWHSS since 2000, save one.  I'm willing to be an advisor or mentor to the autocrat or committee, if needed; other Ansteorrans have attended many KWHSS, so there will be a number of advisor potentials. 
Documentation: The online document is geared predominately toward the Heralds side of activities.  It's lacking some information regarding the scribal side, specifically that on Sunday when the Heralds have their 'Laurel Road Show', its a good idea to have some alternate activity for the scribes to do - a trip to a museum or great art store, or a second set of classes for scribes on Sunday - all have been done at past KWHSS and have been well received.  
2000: The KWHSS 2000 held at Rice U, in Houston, was an attempt to lower the cost of the event significantly, since 1999 had been held in Germany.  The total room costs were around $30. for two nights as I recall, for dorm beds in suites.  The dorm situation would have been a success, had the university not switched our building at the last minute to one that had bunk beds - most attendees handed it well, but there was one or two issues with folks not able to manage bunk beds. Keep in mind that while most do camp, many of the Heralds that attend KWHSS tend to be more senior than 20-somethings. 
Airport: Your site also needs to be very accessible to the major airport.  
Hotel v University: If you want to host the event at a university again, there are a whole lot of additional logistics that have to be handled, that are not as easy as when the event is at a hotel.  But, it can be done (and yes, I still need to write up my notes on KWHS 2000), and often cheeper at a University than at a hotel with conference rooms.  
Some possibilities: 
Norman: Some of us were able to stay on campus in dorms at OU and it was very economical and convenient to King's College a few years back.
Austin:  Also a college town with major airports. 
Hotels-  you have to find a hotel NOW with open schedules and rooms for 4-6 classrooms, with a large common room for Sunday, a merchant room and a common room for folks to hang out - with a cafe or restaurant and possibility of restaurants in the near area.  
Feast: You can offer a hotel 'feast' on Saturday night, but a lot of folks like to go out to dinner together.  
Staff: Need a lot of local volunteers to act as transportation shuttle service for extra-event activities and dinner 'hosts'. Best to use non-scribes and non-heralds as staff, as heralds and scribes need to be teaching/attending classes. It's the fighters turn to give back! :-)
Dates: Typically, KWHSS is held in June, as it's far enough away from Pennsic for Heralds to have time/funds to attend both; and many heralds will religiously attend Pennsic.  
For Ansteorra, with our proximity to Calontir, try to avoid the Lilies weekends mid-June. 
Location: If you hold it in the north of the kingdom you stand a good chance of having a lot of folks drive in from the neighbor kingdoms - more attendees.  
Classes: Typically, the Herald teachers will come from all across the known world, Scribe teachers tend to be more local kingdom scribes.
Staff needed (maybe more): 
- Autocrat - don't plan on attending classes much
- Proceedings Editor - it's the Heralds/Scribes annual journal 
         (CD's copies are the norm now)
- Fund Raising (T-shirts/tote bags)- this is where you can make most of your event profit if you budget right. 
- Transportation - shuttles to/from airport, Sat. night dinner (if not in hotel) and to/from special event activities on Fri/Sun.
- Gate
- Hospitality room - may also be in charge of Fri night meet-n-greet
- Merchant room
- class coordinator - consider adding 'guest' teachers from the academic university sector as a draw to attendees. Don't forget to budget an honorarium for the 'guest' teacher - teacher will advise fee.
- website
- registrations (could use ACCEPS, perhaps)
- Hotel liaison (could be autocrat)
- Scribal display area (if space permitting)
- Scribe activity on Sunday (maybe museums, libraries, whatever is a local draw - Namron has the university library and art museum, Austin has the Harry Ranson rare books and museum, and University library)
It's best if a lot of the staff are NOT Scribes or Heralds, so the local Scribes and Heralds can attend the classes, so hit up your fighter folks.  
Generally, this event is budgeted for break even, you make profit if you go over it with good publicity and great teachers.  
Ok, I can go on and on.. but that's a start. 
Cheers, Hillary Greenslade

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