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Elaine eshc at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 8 21:44:56 PST 2008

Shades of my "old days" in mundane calligraphy! Marc Drogin was an  
acquaintance of mine at one time. Didn't know anyone in the SCA would  
like his stuff. Nice guy. Love his caricatures, too!

"2000 Years" is a great book. Thanks for mentioning it.

"Redaction"? I always thought that something to do with editing a  
literary piece. Help me. Is that like extrapolating?

One of the mundane calligraphy books I wrote had to do with analyzing  
a hand's components and extrapolating to construct "lost" letters to  
complete the alphabet. (I used to mundanely design alphabets as a  
professional calligrapher for Calligraphy Heaven's clientele.)

Maybe you would have better luck in getting students for such a  
class. I taught it at two Known Worlds and a summer symposium where I  
taught three months of it. Not many wanted the classes and the few  
who took them didn't seem to keep up with the discipline and practice  
that calligraphic excellence takes. Sad. It's just not a "Sunday  
afternoon kitchen table craft". At least, it never has been for me.

Calligraphy is a wonderful source of joy when even one letter just  
"hits" it. It is also a cause of the occupational diseases of  
scribes: Blacktongue and Dyedfinger. Not to mention Concreteshoulder.

I once had a masseuse ask me if I drove a truck  for a living.
"Nope. I hunch over a light table and have for many years. Why do you  
"You've got shoulders like a truck driver."
; - DDD

HL Lete Bithespring
PS. Therasia, think your < http://www.rocks4brains.com/landolff.html>  
is super. The Schwabacher family of Bastarda is glorious fun, isn't  
it? I have sneaked it into some of my commissions. Most don't know  
the difference, but they like it.
And yea for all cadelophiles! Vivat! ------
And if you are from Artemesia, say hello for me to Casamira.   -------L.


On Nov 8, 2008, at 11:25 AM, Cat Clark wrote:

> (snip)
> Marc Drogin, Medieval Calligraphy (a Dover book)
> (snip)
> Miner, 2000 Years of Calligraphy, Taplinger, 1965
> (snip) tons of cadels too
> (I like cadels.  Cadels rock!)
> (snip) Once you have a handful of
> hands (sorry, couldn't resist...), then the rest is easy!  Here are  
> links
> to one of my favorite redactions, which I call "anglo-norman
> secretary hand" as an example of what you  do to make a redaction
> of a hand style:
> http://www.rocks4brains.com/callig1.pdf (the majescules)
> http://www.rocks4brains.com/callig2.pdf (the miniscules)
> It's easy, it's even simple, it's fun and it's working right off of  
> the
> primary sources.  And when it comes to competition time, if you're
> into that sort of thing, it rocks when it comes to research brownie
> points.
> Hand redaction: try it today!
> You know, it's never really crossed my mind before this, but I
> suppose I could teach a workshop on redacting your own hands.
> Would people be interested?
> ttfn
> Therasia, old used scribe
> (since some of you haven't met me yet, here's an example of some
> of my calligraphy madness: http://www.rocks4brains.com/landolff.html)
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