[Scriptoris] Budget Time!

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Tue Nov 18 06:22:56 PST 2008

HI Alden,

I found my reply stuck in my Outbox..... sorry about that!
Anyway, this budget is fine. I don't foresee any additional funds 


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Heraldic & Scribal Officers,
The Kingdom Exchequer has asked for our 2009 budgets.  If you are a 
officer, please note your previous budgets and let me know if you think 
need more/less/same (and please send supporting information if you ask 
more).  Scribes, please send budget request information to Star Signet.
Please submit requests by 11/11/08.

*College of Heralds*
     Northern Regional $0.00  Central Regional $0.00  Southern Regional 
  Coastal Regional $0.00  Retiarius $0.00  Zodiacus $50.00  Estencele 
Obelisk $150.00  Asterisk $120.00
    Bordure $40.00
     Armillary $200.00  Arbalest $135.00
    Stellar Scroll $0.00

*College of Scribes*
    Star Signet $800.00
    Northern Regional
 Central Regional

 Southern Regional
 Coastal Regional
 Sable Scroll

If you don't see your office listed above that means you have had $0.00
budgeted to your office in the past.  You may request money to be 
but please specify what the purpose for the funds will be.

In service,
Alden, Star
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