[Scriptoris] Upcoming Coronation competitions

hsetrinity at aol.com hsetrinity at aol.com
Wed Feb 18 09:14:49 PST 2009

Greetings, Scribes!

Please let me know if there is an interest in continuing the Coronation 
original scroll and insignia competition. I have noted a waning 
interest and wanted to know if this was something that the scribal 
community of Ansteorra wishes to continue, or possibly move to once a 
year (i.e. Summer Coronation only).

Please let me know your thoughts on this so that I can coordinate with 
the stewards of the upcoming Coronation of TRH Hrafn and Elizabeta. I 
will continue to sponsor this competition if it seems as though there 
is enough interest and planned participation.


Star Signet

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