[Scriptoris] Gulf Wars - Scribes Point wants Kingdom standard materials

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 11:44:17 PST 2009

I'm posting this to the Kingdom lists, as sometimes the website directories are out of date for the Kingdom Signets.   This missive is directed to the Kingdom Signets or representatives that have kingdoms participating at Gulf Wars Scribes Point; though maybe of general information to Scribes attending Gulf Wars. 
If your Kingdom Scribes attend Gulf Wars, and you have specific scrolls (charters, preprints, copies) that are supplied by your Kingdom for Scribes to paint, and/or any specific kingdom supplied papers or paints - - - please plan to send a selection to the Gulf War Scribe's Point for your scribes to use (specifically the four host Kingdoms: Ansteorra, Gleann Ahbann, Meridies and Trimaris; though others are welcome as well).   
Scribe's Point at Gulf Wars will supply paints (Reeve's Gouache, limited supply of Windsor-Newton), brushes and pallettes for scribes to use on loan in limited supply.  Scribe's are encouraged to bring their own travel supply box.  Tables/Chairs are setup in a lighted, climate-controlled building, dry from the elements; materials will be in a secured protected building.  
Completed scrolls will be stored in Kingdom folders to be collected on Saturday at end of war, to be carried back to your Kingdom Signet officers; scrolls left at Gulf Wars will be taken home and stored by the Scribes Point Coordinator till the following year.  
Last year, Kingdom Signets supplied: 
Ansteorra - charters and paints
Trimaris - Kingdom papers
Gleann Ahbann - pre-prints.  
Additional template scrolls were provided by an Atlantian Scribe for general use.  
If your Kingdom is planning to provide scrolls for scribe's to use, please advise. 
(I have already discussed with Ansteorra.)
If there are any questions regarding Scribe's Point at Gulf War, please advise, 
19 days and counting till Gulf Wars!  Yeah!
Cheers, Hillary Greenslade
Scribe's Point GW18

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