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I am not running the competitions myself, but here is a description of what I've seen for the past few years of these competitions:

There is an insignia contest.  Any and all entries become property of Ansteorra, for purposes of being given out to the relevant award recipients.  So, if you've just made a custom-cast Sable Thistle medallion with period glass enamels and real gold plating over sterling silver as a commission for a friend (or paying client) with your friend's/client's personal heraldic badge on the reverse side, this is NOT the competition in which to enter such a piece!

[Personal observation:  focus should be on Ansteorran awards. The kingdom has no need for "extra" knight's chains, belts, or spurs; masters' of arms baldrics; Laurel medallions, cloaks, or chaplets; or Pelican medallions or chapeaus -- these items are always provided by others during the relevant ceremonies.  Don't need spare White Scarves either, for the same reason.]

There is also an *original* scroll contest.  These can be originals that are already completed for specific recipients (peerage patents, nobility charters and confirmations, or achievement scrolls; even local award scrolls), or they can be mostly-finished works that only have blanks left for the recipient (prize scrolls for kingdom ceremonial officers, or local prize scrolls).  The "donated" clause does not apply to this competition, although obviously, if a person enters a prize scroll made for a kingdom ceremonial competition (Queen's Champion, King's Champion, etc.), it's been made for the kingdom's use.  The purpose of this competition is to encourage the creation of original works, by giving them a forum for public display.

**The scroll contest is not for painted charters.**  

I believe that both of these separate competitions are decided by populace vote.  Documentation is always a good idea, but is much less likely to affect the outcome than sheer "wow" factor.

Does this answer your questions?

--Serena, Blanc Gryffon

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Soooo sorry, did I misread that then?  I have one piece of insignia & can work on a scroll, I just wasn't sure if there were any rules to the competition.  I haven't kept anything I've painted so donating the award scroll isn't a problem.  Was the contest meant for insignia only or does that mean the scrolls are part of the contest or a seperate category?

just curious....... .man i can't wait for this wknd!  i'm so stoked i can barely keep my brushes still...  :)



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