[Scriptoris] [Ansteorra] Original scrolls in Ansteorra (was: Greetings from the incoming Sable Scroll)

Kimberly Langhans sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 4 15:53:37 PST 2009

For whatever it's worth, while I don't advocate a shift to doing ALL original scrolls due to the volume of awards we give - as Serena said, our scribes would be hard-pressed to keep up - I don't really see the harm in giving out the occasional original if someone wants to do them for AoA- and Grant-level scrolls. I would definitely first encourage folks towards making scrolls for peerages and other honors for which we have no existing charters, but if someone wants to give originals a shot and isn't comfortable doing a peerage, I think it would be lovely to have a few original AoAs on hand. Those decisions, though, are up to the Crown and Signet.

I also think - this is totally my own opinion, of course - that anyone who gets their feelings hurt because someone else got an original AoA while they "only" got a beautifully designed and lovingly hand-painted charter is kind of missing the point of awards and scrolls (and maybe the SCA), anyway.



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