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Sun Nov 8 18:27:36 PST 2009

Lady Eleanor, 

While I appreciate your opinion, I think that you may have a somewhat distorted view of the current state of the Ansteorran College of Scribes.  

Having lived in a Kingdom/Principality that only distributed original scrolls (East/Drachenwald), and having served as Albion Signet and principal scribe there for almost four years, I can attest to the fact that Ansteorra is indeed capable of creating original scrolls for each and every award recipient within the Kingdom.  However, in order to create the amount of scrolls that were necessary, the scribes were often sequestered at events to complete the pieces that the Crown wanted for court that evening. With the change in our system that you are suggesting, I can guarantee that this would happen, and I would personally prefer that people who spend their time and money to attend events are afforded the opportunity to do what they wish at the event, rather than the scenario that I outlined above. 

That being said, I do not believe that a change from our current charter/ commissioned originals system is necessary. Despite the unfortunate experience that you stated regarding the "disposability" of the charters and the perceived lack of quality on painting that you witnessed, the regional and kingdom scribal officers are very diligent about educating the charter painters and helping to transition those who might wish to transition into creating original works for the Kingdom. They are also responsible for ensuring that the scrolls are of a quality acceptable to the Crown. The rule of thumb for the painters is "don't turn in something that you don't want hanging on the wall in your front room *forever* ". 

As to your assessment of the state of the Ansteorran College of Scribes, I would argue that we are not using excuses to explain or defend anything, as the current charter system works well for us. 

Finally, I would echo Master Cynric's suggestion - perhaps you should step forward and present what you feel would be a viable solution to what you perceive to be a problem. May I suggest volunteering to create an original scroll blank for a start? 

Yours in service,

Star Signet and Proud Charter Painter

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