[Scriptoris] Humidity and scrolls

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 12:27:04 PDT 2009

As another Houstonian, I agree with everything Sara says, and want to add: 
- If the W&N was particularly thick on the paper, that has on occasion created issues where the surface may have been dry, but not dry throughout, perhaps - overly thick paint can also sometimes lead to cracking as it dries. 
- If you added something to the paints, such as gum arabic or ox gal, perhaps too much of that can cause a problem. 

No specifically related to the paint problem, but high humidity can also cause the sticky seal part of the envelopes to glue themselves to the backs/fronts of the scrolls stored in said envelopes and it's impossible to unstick without tearing the scrolls, tho I guess you could try to use steam to unstick.  So, I've started folding down the seal/closure part of the large envelopes, some cut the sticky part off altogether.  

I also store my envelopes in a large, lidded, plastic underbed bin, and the one's that haven't made their way to the bin yet, aren't stuck.  I also keep the house closed up with the A/C on. 

To fix the one's still stuck together, you might try a hairdryer to put some heat on them to soften up the material that is causing the stickiness and slowly try to peal the scrolls apart.  

Good luck, Hillary

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