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 Here's a synopsis of the office:

The Star Signet, who is a deputy to the Star Principal
Herald, is the head of the college of scribes and oversees all scribal activity
in the kingdom. The responsibilities of the Star Signet include: 

 - Appointing
Regional Scribes and other deputies as necessary. 

 - Collecting
regular reports from the Regional Scribes. 

 - Making
regular reports to the Star Principal Herald. 

 - Maintaining
master copies of all the kingdom charters. 

 - Approving new
charter designs and retiring out-of-date ones. 

 - Copying and
distributing master charters to the Regional Scribes, Sable Scroll, and the
Star Principal Herald. 

 - Overseeing
the copying of blank charters onto the approved paper and distributing them for

 - Assisting the
Crown and members of the populace with requests for original scroll work. 

 - Overseeing
the content of the kingdom scribal webpage. 

 - Tracking
expenses associated with the office and submitting requests for reimbursement
to the Kingdom Treasurer when needed. 

 Let me know if there are any more questions!

Your servant, 


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Just out of curiosity, what are the job duties and requirements of the Star

My thanks,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely

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> Greetings to the Scribes of Ansteorra -
> Just a friendly reminder that Saturday, 10/31 is the deadline for
> applications to become the next Star Signet. If you are interested in taking
> this challenging, but rewarding office, please send your applications with
> proof of membership to me and The Star Principal Herald.
> Thank you to those of you who have applied - you are definitely going to
> make this transition an easy one for me, but certainly also make for a
> difficult decision.
> Thank you all for everything that you do for our Kingdom and for the
> College!
> Suzanne
> Star Signet
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