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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 10:01:35 PDT 2010

The KWHSS Proceedings is an annual journal put out by the event autocrats of the KWHSS event. 
It's a fabulous collection of articles on heraldic and scribal topics donated by the SCA populace. 
Typically, articles are similar to those in the Tournaments Illuminated, though perhaps some a bit longer in length.  
If you have a scribal article to submit, it will be well received; and give you a chance to be published.   
I have all the back issues of  'the Proceedings' and find it a great resource as well.  

For back issues of the Proceedings, go to the SCA Marketplace, under 'Free Trumpet Press'.  
I believe the Proceedings are listed starting around page 3.  

Consider submitting an article on the Scribal Arts! 
Cheers, Hillary

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Greetings from the event steward of this year's Known World Heralds'
and Scribes' Symposium.

We need scribal articles for the proceedings. We haven't any yet!
Please send submissions to both me and Lady Constance Wyatt
(constancewyatt@ gmail.com), our proceedings compiler, with 'KWHSS
proceedings' in the subject line. time is running out, we're trying to
get content together by the 25th of this month. Contact Constance for
questions; you do not need to be a master scribe to contribute. Good
information is everywhere, share what you know, please.

- Teceangl Bach
tierna at agora. rdrop.com (both emails work, use either)
KWHSS website: http://kwhss. sca.org

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