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Clarification:  the scrolls that I was referring to for matting and in a cellophane 'crystal' package are 'original scrolls', such as the Baronial prize or service award scrolls.   I'm not promoting mats and crystal packages for all kingdom award scrolls; at $3.99 each, we just can't afford it.  

Kingdom Charters will still come presented in the brown envelop.   While it would be lovely if the kingdom could present each award framed and matted, or maybe just matted, the kingdom can't afford it.  Brown envelopes run between $22 to $32 a box of 100, depending on where purchased; for the large sizes we need to fit for 11x14 inch scrolls. 

I used to present original Baronial scrolls in a frame and matted, but the barony is saving it's pennies too, and has chosen to not pay the expense of the frames; but will still cover the mat costs.  From time to time, I'll cover the frames out-of-pocket, but not always.  And the consideration was brought up that not all frames match the decor of the recipients home, so framing, while a nice idea, may not really be cost effective. 

Kingdom usually provides the brown envelopes to go with the award scrolls.  Sometimes a scroll given by the Crown spontaneously, may not have an envelop because the Crown didn't have one in their travel scroll box.  Some scrolls given out from branch events don't have envelopes, because the branch scribe/herald didn't have them either.   

Hope that helps,
Cheers, Hillary

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Most of the awards I see just come by themselves, maybe in a brown envelope. I had a heck of a time keeping my AoA from getting beaten up on the way home, and matting would have been awesome. I would have been sad, though, to get a frame, because I'm pretty picky about matching frames, lol.

-R the O

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