[Scriptoris] An early Christmas present

Sara Rasco sara.rasco at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 15:10:01 PST 2010

I stumbled upon this and thought it would be appreciated by my fellow
scribes. It's an auction site that has a section to sell Medieval
manuscripts, but the good part is not the chance to buy these for
oneself. It is, rather, the chance to inspect them with the wondrous
zooming tool at incredibly high definition. It's like a personal rare
library and magnification system! I know that the selections will
change over time, as new ones come in and some are sold to collectors,
but the present collection is about 50 items in size with things from
the 13th-16th centuries, simple to ornate. I've been enjoying getting
to see the fine whitework and detailing on versals so closely. I hope
you find something to fascinate you as well!


In Service,
Penelope de Bourbon

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