[Scriptoris] Kingdom charter needs

Star Signet star-signet at herald.ansteorra.org
Thu Dec 16 10:41:42 PST 2010

Greetings to the College of Scribes,

Once again I am putting out the call for painted charters. These charters
are used by the Crown to give a written proof of award to individuals being
recognized in court.

I have an updated list of what charters we are critically short of over on
the College of Scribes website at:


I am working with Sable Scroll to ensure that this list is updated
frequently. So feel free to check back in at that site to see where we are
short in our inventory.

Being a quiet time of the year event-wise, please consider if you have a few
hours of free time pulling out your gouache and painting a charter. Or, if
there is a scribal guild in your area, consider going and painting one



Baron Duncan Hepburn, OL WSA
Star Signet Herald

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