[Scriptoris] College of Scribes - Offices accepting applications

Star Signet star-signet at herald.ansteorra.org
Wed May 5 21:13:20 PDT 2010

There are two offices open for bids at this time.

The first is Regional Signet for the Central Region. Regional Signets are
the "go to guys" for local scribal guilds. They are entrusted with copying
and distributing blank charters, and collecting them when they are
completed. Regional Signets coordinate with local guilds also to ensure
charter painting areas are available at as many events in their region as is

The other position that is open is Insignia Deputy. The Insignia Deputy
educates and encourages the populace in the design and development of
quality and quantity insignia for the Crown of Ansteorra to present to
worthy receipients receiving awards. Duties range from encouraging classes
from the various art mediums used to create insignia (weaving, metalwork,
etc), as well as educating the populace on the correct heraldic design used
in the designated kingdom format (medallions, ribbons, etc.) for the
Ansteorran standards.

Applications for both Central Regional Signet and Insignia Deputy will open
this month and close at the end of June. New officers will be made official
on the warrant to be signed mid-July at Round Table. Central Regional Signet
is a warranted position, and therefore requires an active SCA membership,
and the term is two years. Insignia deputy is currently a non-warranted
position, meaning that the membership and term of office are a bit more
flexible. Please send applications to this office. Please contact me if you
have any questions by email, mail, or phone. My contact information is in
the directory at the back of the black Star, or online at the kingdom

I would like to thank HL Carletta Nicolosi and HL John Lightfoot for their
hard work and service for the College of Scribes.


Master Duncan Hepburn
Star Signet Herald

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