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It is available again!

This book has been out of print for some time and a few years ago several of us 
wrote Dover trying to get them to print more, but Dover said they didn't have 
enough requests. While placing an order today I realized they have it back in 
print, but from previous communication with them I know they only print about 
200 copies at a time. Once they are out of print and out of copies the price can 
get up in the hundreds IF you can find a copy. 

This is a book of 5 late period (italian) craftsman manuscripts with the 
original italian on the left and Merrifield's english translation on the right. 
This is handy for researching "loosely translated" words. There are no pictures. 
This is a reference book full of instructions and recipies for all sorts of 
craftsmen, but in particular I used it to research the use of oak galls, and the 
making of copperas/ferrous sulphate mordant used to make gall ink (and 
shoeblack, and dyes for leather as well as cloth and thread). It also contains 
information on the making of paints, glues, gessos, and how to prepare a variety 
of surfaces for painting.
It is really an amazing reference book for all kinds of stuff.

Mistress Typhainne d'Alixandre (Caid)

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