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Vicky I have a couple of pen points and holders that I will bring to Three
commanders, I will be glad to show you how to use them.  Are you going?
Janie Topp
Lady Maeve Dianotto

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I am trying to get started doing calligraphy and was wonder what kind of pen
recommend using.  I currently have a cartridge style calligraphy pen right
but I am having problems with the ink flow being steady.  Not sure if that
I am doing something wrong or not.  I was wondering if the pens you dip in
ink are a better option?  

I am try Arabic calligraphy and I know that it is normally done with a
reed pen, 
but I was thinking that using a normal pen to while I was learning might be 

Any help or direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Mistress Asiya (formerly Arastya)
Vickie Bratcher
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