[Scriptoris] Gulf Wars update

Jen Shipman LUCKYVIXEN at rocketmail.com
Thu Jan 20 15:40:12 PST 2011

Greetings Scribes!

A couple of updates on Gulf Wars XX.  First, we still need classes!  So far we only have 4 classes, and I know we have many talented scribes with something to share.  If you would like to teach please go to http://maddcow.com/gw/activity_request.html and fill out the form.  Make sure you specify Scribes Point for teaching location so the request will come to me.  I need these as soon as possible in order to go on the supplemental class schedule.

Second, the schedule has been set for the Scribal Gauntlet.  Tuesday will be the judging of the Most Original Medium, Wednesday will be the Smallest Scroll and Thursday will be the Most Detailed Scroll.  Each will be judged between 4-5 pm while the live challenge is going on.  What are the live challenges?  With names like Scribal Hell, Buddy Scribal and Scribes in the Trenches?  Be at Scribes Point at 4pm to find out!

In service,
THL Moreg Cochrane
Scribes Point coordinator


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