[Scriptoris] Viking/Norse Illumination?

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Have fun carving that runestone.
You may wish to look here:
The author points out that inscribed staves and swords are more portable than an engraved obelisk(which weren't designed for portability).
The preferred gift for a job well done (ie successful raid - from which the name Viking derives; to go a Viking) for Norse is silver, but I do not recall seeing silver with runes on it:  Mostly twist-wire bracelets/armbands and a few symbolic hammer castings, and turtle broaches for the ladies.
Silvius, lurking


> Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:49:54 -0500
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> Subject: [Scriptoris] Viking/Norse Illumination?
> I have a request in my queue for a Viking/Norse piece. I'm having
> difficulty telling the difference between elements in the Viking/Norse
> and Celtic/Anglo Saxon art styles.
> Right now, I'm looking at things like:
> Necrologium Lundense (12th c. Danish)
> http://laurentius.ub.lu.se/volumes/Mh_6/
> Íslendingabók (11th c. Icelandic)
> http://www.randburg.is/is/am/
> Margrete Skulesdatters psalter (13th c. Norse)
> http://folk.uib.no/hnooh/handbok/illustrasjonar/
> Flateyjarbók (14th c. Icelandic)
> http://folk.uib.no/hnooh/handbok/illustrasjonar/
> Does anyone have any recommendations for online references to use, or
> characteristics/elements to keep in mind? I have a tight deadline for
> this one, and I'm afraid of it looking culturally incorrect.
> All the best,
> -Deanna
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