[Scriptoris] To Past Star Signets and Sable Scrolls...

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Well, since this was posted to the list, might as well reply there.  
Classes:  Classes are always good, as we often get new folks painting charters.  Recurring classes are still valid and valuable, as even old timers need a refresher from time to time; and sometimes standards change.   
Handouts:   There is also an article on the Ansteorran Scribes site: 
'How to Paint Ansteorran Charters'  by Stella Silvana
Samples:   There is also an online Charter Gallery, with images of scrolls turned in that are considered good examples.  
If folks are in doubt of how to paint a scroll, they can look at that site: 
This weekend Stargate Scribes will host an all day Charter Paint Party at Yule in Stargate - so we'll discuss the matter and come up with a list of questions and ideas and get back to you. 
Cheers, Hillary

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Hi Stella!

I wanted to get the take of past Star Signets and Sables on what we look
for regarding Kingdom charters.  What to do vs what to not do.  How to make
sure the charter you paint gets used.

We have had some issues with it and I want to start 'teaching' about this
to groups to help the situation.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Viviana Rowntree
Star Signet Herald
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