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The Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium is coming up on the 
weekend of June 22-24.

You know you want to go!
Here is the event announcement.

It is going to be Radisson Hotel Providence Airport 2081 Post Road, 
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
The web page for the Radisson.

Easily accessible by the Providence airport (right across the street) 
and by Route 95.  One hour south of Boston, Two ish hours north of New York.

Do you want to teach at it?  You should contact Lady Emma as soon as 

Scribal Class Coordinator:
Lady Emma McMinn
nanon58 at yahoo.com <mailto:nanon58 at yahoo.com>

This is practically in my backyard (1/2 hour away) and it is a unique 
opportunity to meet many of you on this list.  Please feel free to ask 
questions here about travel to Rhode Island and this area.


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