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As those who have read the Scribal section on the Gulf Wars website may
know, there will be a couple of competitions at Scribe's Point this year.

This will include a scribal gauntlet challenge (times will be posted in
Scribe's Point) as well as a scroll competition.

This year there will be three contests for completed scrolls.These contests
are for scrolls that have not yet been awarded. They can be completed at
home and brought to War, or Created in Scribe's Point during the week. The
categories are:  Best Early Period Inspired Scroll (Pre-1066AD), Best
Medieval Inspired Scroll (1066-1450), and Best Late Period Inspired Scroll
(1451AD-1600AD). Scrolls do not have to be direct copies, and the only
documentation required is a single index card.

All scrolls should be submitted by 7:30pm on Wednesday, and will be judged
by populace vote during the Scribal Social.

I hope to see everyone at the Social. There will be some munchies, a fun
(optional) gift exchange, judging of the scroll competitions, and of course
a chance to meet many of the other scribes.

Looking forward to seeing people at the War,

Feel free to cross post this missive.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Viviana Rowntree
Star Signet Herald

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