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Nothern Regional Signet northern-scribe at herald.ansteorra.org
Tue Mar 27 01:12:50 PDT 2012


Now that Gulf Wars is over, I’d like to take the time to spread some
wordfame for the good gentles who helped complete the Calontir Notecard
Project. The goal of this project was to create hand-painted
Calontir-themed notecards, to be included in the Gulf War gift basket for
Their Majesties Calontir to use as largesse. We ended up with a very tidy
stack of hand-painted notecards featuring the device of Calontir, the badge
of Calontir, and some fabulously painted versals. This project went
wonderfully, and I owe a large debt of gratitude to all of those Northern
Regional scribes who helped make this project happen. To all of you, thank
you very much. You did a fantastic job. :)

A list of specific gentles is below, and please remind me if I've missed
anyone. (Hard. Possibly with a stick.) Also, please feel free to forward
this missive to Baronial lists.

*From Eldern Hills:
*Contessa Eleanor di Michelozzo Gianfigliazzi
HE Elayne MacDuncan
Lady Fionnghuala ruadh Inghean ui Choncobair
Lord Philipe de Cabaret
Lady Kata Timkin
Lady Morygan Vaughn
Lord Raphael the Wanderer
Lord Christopher Hamilton
Milady Christie of Eldern
Milady Sibel of Eldern
Milord Malachi of Eldern
Milady Ashley of Eldern
Milady Tatiana of Eldern
>From Mooneschadowe:*
HL Lilias MacGuffin
Lady Alice Livene
Lord Vailathi filius Crantacus
Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Milady Lisa of Mooneschadowe
Milord Jerreo of Mooneschadowe

*From Namron/Wiesenfeuer:
*HL Niccolaia Valore
HL Shanna Camber of Wolfstar

*From Northkeep:
*Lady Katarina Vigge
Milady Laura ap Dewi
Milady Sophie of Northkeep

In service,
Lady Rose the Obnoxious
Northern Regional Signet
(580) 641-9396

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