SR - Tourney of Love

jhartel jhartel at
Sun Nov 1 14:36:48 PST 1998

Here is a snip of what happened at Tourney of Love.  Many thanks to Lady
 Olwen Cadfael for sending me this info.
 Moriel***(who loves her new home but sure misses her old one!)
 > It was SOOOOO fun....we had over 250 people was so cool.
 > Awards received.
 > Madelena Comet
 > Theodora Thistle weaving
 > Cathy Thistle costuming
 > Gwyddno Comet
 > Gwen (Lew's lady) AOA
 > Amber Rising Star
 > Angus MacCann Iris of Merit
 > Hethum Comet
 > The pagentry was so amazing the guys looked so good wearing all of
our colors.
 > The most amazing thing of the event was when Jovian rode in on
 > dressed in full chain mail and proposed to was great!!!! 
 > said it will be very difficult for any single man to top that one.
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