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Mon Nov 2 10:12:51 PST 1998

Greetings Ansteorra,

In reply to the requests of information about the Tourney d'Amore, I am
more than happy to send the follow missive:

	The day was cloudy and cool with a beautiful breeze. The first
combat of the day was the crest tournament. The crests were stunning,
and the champions looked grand as they took the field and fought for
their ladies.  The ladies took to making challenges and choosing weapon
styles with great enthusiasm. The combat was honorable and glorious, and
most of the crests actually survived! 

	The champion of the Crest Tournament was Baroness Kayliegh
Drake, and her champion Baron Alerik Drake.

	Between the Champion du Crimier and the Champion de Barriere
tournaments, all were called to the side of the list field to watch HL
Jovian Scelaros ride up on horse, in full mail, with kite shield and
lance to propose to his lady, Zaharra. It was a most touching moment
that truly captured the spirit of the day. Oh, and Zaharra said yes! 

	Following the Crest Tournament, the ladies went forth and made
their challenges for the Barrier Tournament. The ladies and their
champions went to
the barrier with gusto. The combatants in the Barrier Tournament were
required to put one knee to the barrier, and fight with great weapons.
The action was fast and furious, and the crowd was definitely caught up
in the excitement.

	The champion of the Barrier Tournament was Mistress Jehanne
d'Avignon, and her champion Sir Pendaran Glamorgan. 

	Following the chivalric lists, it was time for the ladies to
enter the rapier tournaments, and make their challenges. The Tourney
d'Espee, a regular challenge tournament was fought with great honor and
grace, and all were impressed with gallantry of the ladies and their

	To end the day, the Tourney de Sanguine was fought, so called as
it was fought to the second blood. The skill displayed during this
tournament thrilled all of the spectators, and closed the day's fighting
with finess and style.

	I am terribly sorry, but I can not find the names of the
champions d'Espee and Sanguine (I know that Countess Margaret and Don
Eisen were two of the champions). Some one please post here and correct
my oversight!

	Congratulations to the two Grand Champions d'Amore; 
	Lady Tarantella, whose Champion is Lord Otto Vustman	
	and Baroness Kayleigh, whose Champion is Baron Alaric Drake

	Thanks go to Baroness Suzanne for a fabulous feast as well as
the Shire of
Tempio for all of their hard work in preparing for such a glorious
event.  I
hope you consider doing this event next year.

	I would like to further thank the Consorts of the Chivalry and
White Scarves for their generous donations to the prizes for Tournais
d'Amore.  They were truly stunning!  There were 4 prize baskets for the
Champions of the 4
different tournaments as well as two Grand Champion "baskets"  There
were so
many beautiful gifts donated that just the prizes for the Grand
took up an entire 6 ft. table!!!

	Here's to a wonderful event, and for next year's Tourney

	Baroness Jehanne d'Avignon
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