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	Following the Crest Tournament, the ladies went forth and made
their challenges for the Barrier Tournament. The ladies and their
champions went to
the barrier with gusto. The combatants in the Barrier Tournament were
required to put one knee to the barrier, and fight with great weapons.
The action was fast and furious, and the crowd was definitely caught up
in the excitement.
Not to mention incredibly brutal! ;-> I saw more double-kills in this section of the tournament than I think I ever have.  Stepping up to the barrier made one realise very quickly why SCA armoured combat is a "full contact sport"!  I think I can speak for everyone who participated in this event in saying it was one of the most enjoyable times I have had in armour in a long also gave me the oportunity to use my holy-water sprinkler, a toy I haven't cracked out in over a year.
Tournament organizers take note.  This seems to be an excellent variation on the usual tournament styles.  Count me in whenever one of these apears on a list of events!

"Freidrich von Magdeburg"
MDA Martin Wolverton
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