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For patterns of oriental armor I have found that the Samurai series by Dr.
Steven Turnbull to be the best resource for lacing patterns and construction

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Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 3:56 PM
Subject: SR - question: for the leatherworkers

are the brass "eyelets" generally available at Tandy's actual brass or brass
plated steel ???

working on a design and currently in need to locate some short bodied
eyelets (for thin leather) in brass or copper to use to line the laceing
through some stainless plate pieces ... to prevent the lacing from being cut
by the steel and to add a nice visual touch.

also, for the oriental armour types out there ... any recomendations for
online sites or printed sources that would have examples of decorative
laceing patterns for lamellar (sp?) style armour


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