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Tue Nov 3 15:52:41 PST 1998

sean hertzberg (hertzberg at said something that sounded like:
> Question--I have a couple of devices and a couple of names I would like 
> to suggest.  I haven't had any luck getting them to Pug (probably my 
> fault).  Where should they be submitted?  Pug, will you be at practice 
> tonight so I can give them to you there?

I am certainly planning on it.

But as Pendaran stated, the best way is to look at the Regional website
so you can verify if it's already there. As well, it has instructions on
how to submit suggestions.

> Also, is a polling of the mailing list viable?  Or will the info be sent 
> to senechals to be given to local populace?

To make the polling reasonable, it would have to be given to the local
populaces. Even with Bryn Gwlad's heavy percentage of people on-line, it
is not everyone. The other groups generally don't have even as high as
Bryn Gwlad.

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