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Subject: SR - Newest resident of Bjornsborg

>On this day, November 4, 1998, the newest resident of Bjornsborg, Autumn
>Desiree, was born to Lady Ealasaid MacEanruig and Mikkel McClure of Clan
>McClure. The proud Grandparents are Catriona MacEanruig and Ivar

>My husband and I would like to send our warmest congratulations on the new
arrival, may her future be bright and promising , and may she always keep
those who care about her most closest to her in all her future days. We also
want to wish the parents and proud grandparents luck, for we know that in
today's society it is hard to keep your children safe and on the path to
happines and sucess.Enjoy her and cherish her for you will look to her for
your future one day.
Again we wish you congratulations.

Lord Kurt vonKohler
Lady Annora von Kohler

Shire of Tempio

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