SR - Regional War Kitchen??

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Ffynnon Gath gives Gilli's kitchen a 5 star rating.  It's well worth a 


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>	Frankly, I think that this is a great idea if we can all camp
>within a reasonable distance. Do you have any idea how much this would
>cost per person yet?
>	-Pendaran
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>Subject: SR - Regional War Kitchen??
>A while back I asked about the possiblity of a Regional War Kitchen.
>that it is getting closer to that time and talk of war is on some of 
>lists, I'd like to bring the subject up again.  Do we want to do a
>war kitchen at Gulf War?
>If so, I'd be happy to do the cooking.  Here is the tenative menu I'll
>cooking for Middleford and a few others.  It's just as easy to cook for
>100 as it is for 40.
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