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Sun Nov 15 16:31:15 PST 1998

I wish to apologize to the kingdom for my weather control for three
kings. I wanted cool temperatures, light rain and fog and we got it.
Unfortunately the rest of the state got alot more. I did not realize I
had such power and it will not be used again.
To all those who came to Three kings this weekend I thank you and I hope
you had a good time! I know I did and I am exhausted. To all those who
helped during the event I thank you again. Ask anybody who went to court
I had a rather long thank you list. To all the major player, Thier
majesties, Sir karl, Sir Ritter Dietrich, and the surprise player of
Eriklee Wolf and Viscount Galen. THANK YOU! Your acting abilities and
decision on and off the field added real flavor to this event. I good go
on for many more lines writing about the great things that happened at
the event. Here are a few!
Edward I is unstoppable! ( he was sufferiong from a mild case of food
poisoning and fought and led the army anyway)

Edward II all I can say is long live fashion!

To William Wallace at least this time you were not dismembered and
defeated at Falkirk.

To the Bruce you made this event! I thank you!

A couple of more lines and then I will stop.
Congratulations to all those who recieved awards at Three Kings.
a few images for your minds eye.
Two commanders meet on a soggy battlefield with achill in the air as
light mist falls from a cloudy sky. The Bannockburn behind and swampy
ground all around them the Scots fought the english not like scot or
soldiers but like men with the hope of a nation in the balance. Not only
did I see this I was there!

Scotland Forever or at least until next years Three KINGS!

oh yeah it looks like the forerunner of a theme next year is the hundred
years war. Tell me Ansteorra what series of battles or wars would you
like to recreate in our combat Fashion?

H.L. Richard Fairbourne
Event Steward for Three Kings ( had so much fun I am exhausted)
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