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Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Nov 16 08:12:16 PST 1998

The Academy of the Courtier went GREAT!

I had a very good time.   We were in a HUGE covered barn/arena area on an
upscale horse ranch.  This arena closed on two sides and was extremely well lit,
and had three huge chandeliers down its length (it's usually a dressage arena).
Unlike the Burnett site, however, it had nice clean, flat turf, rather than
cedar on the ground.  The horses were fantastic, and we really enjoyed Dona
Gwenno's classes and horse demonstrations.  I found all the classes that I
attended to be quite interesting!  The feast was very good, and HE Seraphina's
endless cider/hot chocolate bar (plus ham, rolls and chocolate for those who
were hungry...) made things even more enjoyable.

I REALLY enjoyed the event and hope to attend again next year.  Maybe we will be
able to actually use the field that had been cleared...though I liked the barn,
with the horse stalls down its sides so much...that I'd almost rather see it
inside again!

Isobel Hadleigh

Bob Dewart wrote:

> Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink. Water, water
> everywhere and how did the events go?
> Gilli
> the sick
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