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Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Nov 16 14:46:20 PST 1998

Well now that you mention it, yes we do!!  Actually, all those broken arrows
are converted into crossbow bolts.  We can usually get one and sometines
we're lucky enough to get two crossbow bolts out of one broken arrows.  I
have a mitor box that I've modified so we can cut the arrow remains down to
length depending on which end of the arrow is still useable.

Please notice here that I've, for the most part, have been saying "we".   I
get alot of help doing this.  I can not, could not do it by my self.  And,
I'd like to thank all those great Ansteorrans for thier help.  So if you
want to help make arrows or bolts; please come to one of the arrow making
parties, War Practice at Ravensfort, or stop by the arrow factory at the
war.  No experience is required.  I have the process down to not much more
complicated than cutting a piece of duct tape.

Thanks for asking.  See you at the arrow factory.


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Date: Monday, November 16, 1998 4:15 PM
Subject: SR - Arrows for war

>This is a question for Gilli, mainly.
>Hi Gilli, I am sure that as usual you are busy making the 9 bazillion
>arrows for war that you usually provide.  My question is do you also make
>quarrels for crossbows?  I will be shooting at war and hope to bring
>50-100 of my own arrows, but more are always useful.  Thanks.
>In service,
>Avery Shaw
>apprentice to Iolo Fitzowen
>PS.  May the rain of arrows on the heads of Trimarans be like the rain
>this last weekend at Academy.

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