SR - A&S Issue Status and Last Call for Articles

Erik Langhans modius at
Sat Nov 28 07:08:14 PST 1998

This is the last Call for Articles for the Ansteorran Issue of the Black Star.  Email or send in that article or documentation on which you have been working.  Come share your expertise and knowledge with the other artisans of Ansteorra.  Support A&S in Ansteorra!

Big Kudos to HL Darcy, she has done a wonderful job collecting articles over the last year.  She will be forwarding the articles she collected over the last months to me to share with the interim Kingdom A&S Minister Mistress Anastassia.  Once received and ordered we will be sending the final articles onto HE Margaret for final layout.  We are shooting for a 68 page A&S issue of the Black Star to be in everyone's hands by Gulf War '99.  Backing out from this date we will need to get the final articles to the Kingdom Chronicler 8 weeks earlier (Mid Jan '99). 

With that being said I will need to receive all articles by Jan 5, '99.  If you send the articles in electronic format the deadline is Jan 10, '99.  Formats include MS Word files (.doc), text files ( .rtf or .txt) and some others.  Please check with me directly.  

Send all articles to me directly from this point forward.

Erik Langhans
10715 Brookshire Lane
Houston, TX 77041
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