SR - Midsummers Ball Saturday June 26, 1999 Canton of Lindenwood

Trish McCurdy ladyoftherose at
Thu Apr 22 08:56:37 PDT 1999

Greetings and Salutations Gentle Folk of Ansteorra

On June 26th, the annual Midsummers Ball will be held with all the 
Grandeur and Elegance that the Fairies can muster!  The Canton of 
Lindenwood cordially invites you to come and celebrate, dance and 
wear your finest!

The theme for this years event is "The Enchanted Forest" and it is 
rumored that once again the faerie folk and other creatures of magic 
will abound, bringing their laughter, music and dancing to celebrate 
and revel with the people of Ansteorra.

Master Avatar has agreed to complete the beauty of this celebration 
with live music for the dancing, and Lord Phillip will again share 
with us his talent for teaching and leading the dances throughout the 

Master Petruccio will be creating the side board repast.  Please 
bring you feast ware so that you may partake of these delicacies.

Some of the contests include:

Dessert Subtleties
Best Middle Easter Dance Performance 
Best Bardic Performance (Must relate to the event theme)
Best Wings Male & Female
Most creative child's costume Male & Female
A Quest - You must seek knowledge and approval from the "Willow" Tree

Everyone is encouraged to dress in their finest courtly attire.  For 
those of you who wish to, this is an excellent opportunity to dress 
in a more "magical fashion" in keeping with the theme of the event.  
Elves, fairies, dragons, sprites, and other friendly creatures of 
mythos are all invited and encouraged.

The site is the same as last years celebration, First Christian 
Church in Arlington, on Collins between Park Row and Mitchell.
Take your best route to I-30, come west to Arlington.  Go south on 
Collins.  Site is on the right about 3 miles down, shortly
_before_ you get to Park Row, but not long _after_ Mitchell Street.

Schedule of the evening:

5:00pm Hall Opens

6:00 to 8:00pm Side Board will be available for everyone's enjoyment.

The dancing and contests will be held throughout the evening.

Bards or Dancers who would like to perform are encouraged to contact 
the autocrats so that we can schedule in performance time for you.

11:00pm Hall Closes/Cleanup begins

The site fee for the event is:

$6.00 for adults, $3.00 for children 5 and up, children under 5 are 

If you need any further directions, information, crash space, or want 
to sponsor a contest, please contact the autocrats:

Duchess Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode of Aquitaine, OL, OP &

Thegn Duncan Arthur Ross "the black"

R.J. Kvamme & Trish McCurdy

ladyoftherose at or baron_duncan at

586 Yorkshire Terrace
Lewisville, Texas 75067

Please come and join us and add your own special magic to this event!
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