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Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Apr 26 13:01:48 PDT 1999

Chris, Christina, and Maegan (cncnorman at said something that sounded like:
>     My only question is who is paying for the lease of the T1 line for
> this endeavor?

That is your only question? Damn. You're easy. *grin*

There will be dual-T1s provided by my company since it will be hosted in
their corporate computer room free of charge.

> Not to mention the headache of protecting the server from
> getting hacked, the day to day administration of the server, the constant
> maintenance to the pages, and the list goes on and on..................

I agree that this is true. They are the in full proposal if you care to
read it. I personally will be taking care of almost all of those. Some
of the duties will be handed off to others based on need and expertise.

> Has anyone proposed the idea of leasing space on a server through
> a commercial provider? 

I personally brought this up at the Red Tape event and threw it out due
to the on-going cost. For the functionality we are proposing it costs a
lot more through an ISP than the standard $19.95 cost. A year will
quickly out cost the cost of the system.

> Many of these companies will provide plenty
> of space for the Ansteorran pages along with enough e-mail addresses
> for the Great Officers of State along with the ability to auto-forward
> messages in those mailboxes.

We are not talking about auto-foward aliases. We already have that

We are talking about actual mailboxes. We are planning for the case when
an officer changes hands that all of the information is retained. We are
planning for an officer being removed from office. We are planning for
an officer dieing.

> Also, most of these companies will take
> care of the hassle of registering a domain name for the server.

That is no hassle. It's already done. I pay for it out of my own

Btw, the full proposal was posted to the Ansteorran list. I did not send
it to the individual regions. If you would like to look for it in the
archives, it can be found at:


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