SR - clarification of server donations

Mirrim mirrim at
Wed Apr 28 10:41:26 PDT 1999


This clarification was made at the Red Tape event and I want to announce it 
here.  You have the right to know fully where your donation can go.

Any funds donated toward buying a server for Ansteorra will be placed in a 
Designated Fund for the Server.  If not all the money is needed for the server 
purchase, excess funds raised will be placed in the Kingdom General Fund.  If 
the Kingdom decides not to purchase a server, the funds raised will be placed 
in the Kingdom General Fund.

This is standard practice for all Designated Funds that are maintained by the 
Kingdom of Ansteorra.  This decison was made by the Kingdom Financial 
Committee:  Sir Burke, TRM Gunthar and Sara, and myself.

It is possible, that those funds can be transferred to a new Designated Fund 
from the General Fund with the approval of the financial committee.  If we 
don't buy the server in the first place.

Baroness Mirrim of Bristol
Ansteorran Treasurer

"Practice principled acts of self-interest and ruthless logic"
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