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Kevin Varner kvarner at
Wed Apr 28 11:36:58 PDT 1999

The article on the Aussie Balloting system was provided by Master
Daniel. It is being considered for use. The actual voting procedure is
still being hashed out. It is my hope to coordinate it all through the
Regional Senechal using the Local Senechals to act as Voting Judges for
their groups. All raw data would be reported to Regional for tabulation
and reporting. The details are still being hashed out at this time.

Duncan MacConacher
Bryn Gwlad

Duncan MacConacher wrote:
>  HL Pug has posted the current Lion's Tale on the Regional
> Website. I realize the date on it is March, but life interferred. This
> issue has all of the submitted names categorized in order of likely to
> pass the Heralds. The more stars/asterisks the name has, the more
> to be passable by the Heralds. The comments provided are courtesy of
> Master Daniel and Lady Aelfwyn. Sorry for the delay.

There is also an article on voting.  Are we doing the voting this way?
Who is 
collecting votes?

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