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Fri Apr 30 12:55:40 PDT 1999

Greeting one and all,

Sorry for the multiple listing, but this is more good stuff!!

On the Friday morning of ATYC there will be a child and adult archery team
shoot.  Prior to the shooting there will be a safety class for all those who
will be participating in the competition.  Exact times to be posted later.

This  child and adult archery team shoot will be like the one held in
Middleford at the last ICE AX.

Rules of the competition:
1).  Must attend safety class before shooting competition.
2).  A team will consit of one child (non adult) and one adult.
3).  A child (non adult) may only be on one team.  If child is not shooting
with their parent, the child must have a permision slip from their parent to
participate.  These slips will be at the archery range if you need them and
must be filled out before the safety class is taken.
4).  An adult may only be on one team with the following exception:   A
parent may be teamed with each of their children who are shooting.  The
parent will only shoot for score once with that score counting for each of
their children shooting.  An adult who is shooting with their children can
not also be team with a child not of their own.
5).  If it turns out that we have more children then adults, we'll work
something out.
6).  There is no age minimum.  All archers reguardless of age must be able
to follow the safety rules in order to participate.
        a).  Depending on the ages of the children, there may be as many as
three age divisions.
7).  Equipment used will be combat arrows and recurve/ longbows (no
crossbows).  Limited loaner gear will be avaliable, so if you have your own,
please bring it.
8).  The winner of each age division will be the team that scores the most
9).  The exact range lay out for the competition will be explained at the
end of the safety class.

Please feel free to ask questions either publicly or privately.

This is not the only time that children may be on the range.  Children may
use the ranges when the ranges are open if accompanied by a parent or
guardian.  Again there is only limited loaner gear suitable for children.
Please bring your own if you have it.

Projectitle Weapons Coordinator ATYC
gilli at

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