ANST-Announce - Red Tape Event bids

Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Mon Aug 2 10:01:46 PDT 1999

Another Red tape event has come and gone and I believe it went better than
the last. The seneschalate is now taking bids for this event. This event
will now take place on March 25, 26 2000. This is the weekend after gulf
wars. This event should be a two day or a day and a half event. After two of
these we might have come up with a workable schedule for all hopefully(more
on that later).
Here are the things we need
Lecture all available for two days from 9am - 9pm
Class rooms available(around 8) also available from 9am -9pm both days(each
room should hold at least 30 people)
Free would be best, but the cheaper the better. We really don't like
charging people for this event.

Send your bids to Burke and myself. A decision will be made before December.
Also for scheduling purposes this event as long as it continues will
probably(we can be flexible) be the weekend after gulf wars and the weekend
after the summer queen's champion.
in service to all
Richard Fairbourne

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