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Reminder...the event is *THIS*  Saturday.  Enjoy a restful day of classes
and socializing, indoors in the cool.  See you there.    Hillary
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Here is the announcement for Summerthing.  It will be going up on our
web site RSN (Real Soon Now).  I will post a notice when it is up, and
additional details as they come in.


The Barony of Stargate invites you to attend

Classes range from SCA 101 to mead brewing. The Tender arts of the
period have not been overlooked with classes such as "When the tongue is
shaper than the blade" And "Flattery 101 or how to keep the Faire
maidens hand whence you kiss"

There will be dancing classes to help all prepare for the Kingdom Dance

Classes in Marshaling, field crewing for the equestrians, children's
activities, persona building, chain mail making, armor 101(heavy),
bardic, field heraldry, oriental book binding and many more for Lords
and Ladies.

NEW: Youth rapier rules, regulations, armor requirements!!!!!!!

Feast will be a potluck from your persona's country of origin.  Recipe
cards would be nice but a typed list please for dietary considerations.
Liquid refreshment will be provided Please remember to bring a serving

Bring and unfurl your devices, banners, winning coats of arms, ECT. To
decorate the Hall

The Children's Theater Group will entertain prior to evening Court.

See you all on Saturday August 7th
$5 per adult; $2 children 5-12; family max $15
Make checks payable to SCA/Barony of the Stargate

For event information contact: Temair (MKA Dawn McFarland) at
temair at or 713-977-4246

Oaks Presbyterian Church
1576 Chantilly Lane
Houston, TX
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