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Tried to call Ihon, but keep missing him.. maybe he will correct me if I am
Yes... the site is Oaks Presbyterian Church, at 1576 Chantilly.
(This is the church Ihon is pastor at, and where Gates Edge holds its
Sunday afternoon dance practice.)

Take your best route to Loop 610 North, and Ella Blvd. in Houston.
If coming from Hwy 290, take loop 610N heading east to Ella, turn Left
under freeway.
If coming from I-45N, take Loop 610N, heading west to Ella, turn Right at
the light.

Go North on Ella, past 34th street, to W.43rd., turn left going west.
Take a Left on Chantilly (or go one street further, to Chesire).

There are two churches on the block between Chantilly and Chesire streets..
Oaks Presby. is the one behind the church on 43rd (sorry, don't know the
name.)    So go past the first church, and Oaks Presby. will be next.   The
fellowship hall of Oaks Presby. is at the rear of the church with its door
open to Chesire street).    There is a small parking lot, and parking is
permitted on the street.

Hope that is clear.. see you there..  Remember the site opens at 9am, and
classes begin at 10.   Hillary

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Sandra White wrote:
> I would appreciate it greatly if someone would post directions to the
> event site.
> Thanks,
> Ceara

The address of the church is 1576 Chantilly Houston Tx 77018

I don't do well at giving directions to this church (tried several times
and just couldn't do it clearly) because I tend to meander around and
just find it.  But I thought that the address might help if you can find
an on-line map.   Maybe someone else can give good directions.

See you there.
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