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James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Aug 5 17:40:42 PDT 1999

Hello. Don Doré here. 

A small group of Southerners, including me, were recently standing 
around complaining that the suggested names for this region were 
bad, twinky, un-period, and generally unacceptable. Of course, by 
making such complaints in public we put ourselves at risk. We were 
challenged to come up with a better name. 

Most of our efforts were pretty pathetic, but we stumbled across one 
name that really seemed to work. It followed a period naming 
practice, it avoided the compound noun twink (like "Lion's Liver"), 
actually means something to the Southern Region AND connects us 
to Ansteorra. It would even serve well as a name for a principality or 
kingdom, should that ever be an issue. Noble heraldry would be 
easy to design for this name. What's more, it is short, plain English 
and easily pronounceable.

We ran the name past a few folks and all of them liked it. We 
checked with our various baronial leaders and they liked it. In 
particular, we got Baroness Mari's ok (which is important, 
considering the name).

What is the name? Lioness. Bjornsborg's "Lioness" tourney is past, 
but the noble spirit that event evoked lives on in us. The connection 
to Ansteorra's Lion is obvious. The fact that it honors our ladies as 
well can only bring us good fortune.

The catch is, it is very late in the process and this name is not on 
the ballet. A write-in campaign will be required. Some of you may 
even need to figure out how to recall your vote and change it. Yes, 
the lateness of this entry may make things more complicated, but if 
this is the name we truly want, the process should not prevent us 
from having it. 

Can some post a reminder of how to vote and what the deadline is?


Don Christian Doré
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