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On Thursday, August 05, 1999 7:41 PM, James Crouchet [SMTP:jtc at]
> Can some post a reminder of how to vote and what the deadline is?
> Thanks,
> Don Christian Doré

How to vote: get a ballot from your local seneschal and fill it out. Voting
instructions are on the ballot itself.

Deadline: Pug has told Bryn Gwlad to return ballots by the middle of
August--since our business meeting is the 16th and fighter practise is the
17th, those will probably be the last days ballots will be accepted. I would
imagine that other branches will have a similar time period. Check with your
seneschal to be sure.

Spelling: since spellings differ a lot, I will put myself out on a limb here
and say that those who are compiling the ballots will accept variations on a
single name as counting as one name, and then if it wins, it will get some
more research to find the best spelling to give to the Heraldic office. So
Lioness, Lyonesse, and Lyonness will all count as the same name.

Aethelyan Moondragon
Bryn Gwlad

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