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Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Fri Aug 6 13:34:53 PDT 1999

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Master Daniel explains:

>No Principality of Lyonesse, or House, or any other unmodified form,
>is registerable.
>Similarly, Cibola was nominated, but it was eliminated for the same
>problem: it was a fabled land (somewhat more real than Lyonesse,
>though) and had its own entry.  Nueva Cibola did make it onto the
>ballot -- "New Cibola".  Because of the adjective, it's not a
>conflict.  If someone knows what language "Lyonesse" might be
>compatible with -- French, I suppose? -- you could similarly add a
>translated version "New".  ("Nouveau Lyonesse", maybe?  Is Lyonesse
>masculine or feminine, and does the adjective change?)  With English
>references to it, I'd bet plain "New" would work.

It seems a bit late for this, but Lyonesse is a feminine construction, so 
the proper French form would be "la Nouvelle Lyonesse."

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

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