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Sat Aug 7 20:27:27 PDT 1999

>Sadly, this leaves many Southerners without a name with which they
>are satisfied. I have spoken to quite a few people and few expressed
>any enthusiasm for the names on the ballot. It is a shame to have to
>select a name because we think "it will do."

Why is there a huge rush to get a name??
If there are "many southerners without a name with which they are satisfied" 
then inquire them to vote none of the above.  Have this round of votes be a 
"primary" to narrow the selections.  Continue to have a write in campaign.  
If the majority of voters do not like any of the current suggestion, than 
keep looking.

Don't force a name because it got more votes than any others(if there are 
more "none of the aboves"

Remember, the name chosen will be with us for a long time.  Lets make sure 
its a popular name.

>In fact, what this whole process has pointed out is how poorly suited
>this process was for something like name selection. Of course, the
>choice should be up to the people who must live there, but I don't
>like the idea of selecting the least bad choice from those available
>because the election deadline is approaching; I get too much of that
>in my mundane life, selecting from unsuitable political candidates.
>A name should be something that inspires us and speaks to our
>hearts. Inspiration does not always come when called, and until it
>does we should not force an uninspiring name on ourselves.

i couldn't say that any better ^^^^^^^^^^

Ld James De Warrenne
Cadet to Oengus of the Greymist

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